Senin, 02 Januari 2012

How To Create A Expert PowerPoint Demonstration To Your Boss

Here is how for creating a Expert (and successful) PowerPoint Demonstration To Your Manager (your customer or a prospective client):

When you are developing that unique presentation for your manager you need to STOP THINKING OF THEM AS YOUR BOSS and think of them as your customer.
What issue are you trying to fix for your customer (your boss)?
What psychological issue connected to the scenario at side does your customer (your boss) have that you are trying to solve?
Are they trying to enhance job responsibilities to provide their clients (their boss) a better encounter in their store?
Are they trying to enhance worker morale?
Are they trying to generate new clients (their new boss)?
Or are you creating a factor to your customer (your boss) so that he will consider you for a marketing or extra job responsibilities?