Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

Creating a Specialized Demonstration - Get ready to Existing Professionally

I could not believe it!

I was welcomed to a session provided by an experienced company and depending on their popularity, I was really awaiting the event. I assured that I was properly clothed and equipped with my cards, I came in time to do a bit of social media before the event.

Eventually we were sitting and the visitor presenter stepped to the system and it went from top to bottom from there. He was badly clothed for the event, he seemed to have wrote down a few notices on his paper napkin and this was the stage of his conversation. Several periods during the presentation he apologized for not having research and his presentation was missing coherence.

How could this have happened? I think it's because some people believe that after they have verbal on a particular subject in their specialty a variety of periods they no more have to make. They are so wrong!